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26-29", 2pcs
Producer: Effetto Mariposa
Tyreinvader 35, 18-25mm
35, 18-25mm
CHF 65.00 (CHF 65.00 / 65.00)
+ shipping costs
Tyreinvader 40, 20-30mm
40, 20-30mm
CHF 65.00 (CHF 65.00 / 65.00)
+ shipping costs
Tyreinvader 50, 25-35mm
50, 25-35mm
CHF 65.00 (CHF 65.00 / 65.00)
+ shipping costs
Tyreinvader 55, 30-40mm
55, 30-40mm
CHF 72.00 (CHF 72.00 / 72.00)
+ shipping costs
Tyreinvader 60, 35-50mm
60, 35-50mm
CHF 86.00 (CHF 86.00 / 86.00)
+ shipping costs


Tyreinvader is an anti-pinch-flat insert for tubeless tyres. Very simple to use and light, it saves your tyres and rims from hard impacts without interfering with the way your wheels behave. Available in several widths, to fit rims and tyres from cyclocross, to Gravel to Plus.

  • Very light weight (starting at 53g for one 29” wheel) and high durability
  • Premium material (high density EVA) absorbs shocks but not sealant
  • Can be easily adapted to common wheel diameters (26”, 27.5”, 29”)
  • No need for specific tubeless valves


Tyreinvader 35: for rim external width 18-25mm (Tyre section 32-42mm / 1.25-1.5")

Tyreinvader 40: for rim external width 20-30mm (Tyre section 42-54mm / 1.5-2.1")

Tyreinvader 50: for rim external width 25-35mm (Tyre section 54-60mm / 2.1-2.4")

Tyreinvader 55: for rim external width 30-40mm (Tyre section 57-65mm / 2.25-2.6")

Tyreinvader 60: for rim external width 35-50mm (Tyre section 63-80mm / 2.5-3.2")



People riding aggressively on rocky terrain would often like to reduce tyre pressure for better traction and control, limited by the worry of “hitting hard”, pinching the tyre casing between the rim and a rock, cutting it and/or damaging the rim. That’s where tyre inserts (anti-pinch-flat inserts, tyre noodles, etc.) can be helpful. These product fit inside tubeless tyres and absorb a part of the impact, protecting tyre and rim. With Tyreinvader we want to offer an excellent yet simple solution, keeping weight and cost low.

Tyreinvader 35: 48g +/- 5%

Tyreinvader 40: 53g +/- 5%

Tyreinvader 50: 68g +/- 5%

Tyreinvader 55: 80g +/- 5%

Tyreinvader 60: 92g +/- 5%