Bionol Hydraulic oil

Mineral oil for (Shimano, Magura, Trickstuff)
Producer: Danico GmbH
Bionol Hydraulic oil 100ml
CHF 12.00 (CHF 12.00 / 12.00)
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High-end brake fluid with sensational engineering features:

  • Biodegradable and based on vegetable oil
  • Flash point 360 Celsius
  • Maximum pressure resistance
  • Extremely low viscosity

Danico now has a brake oil developed and manufactured in Germany that is based on vegetable oil - not petroleum! - is manufactured and has unique properties. None of the usual brake fluids has as high a boiling point as BIONOL, namely 360°C. The temperature at which 50% of the brake hydraulic fluid has evaporated is 420°C.
BIONOL is very thin and due to its particularly high viscosity index (VI = 200) suitable for a wide temperature range. This and the very high compressive strength make it particularly well suited for use in heavily loaded bicycle brakes for year-round use.