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Race Shok Oil

1 liter, for all forks and dampers
Producer: Danico GmbH
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Successfully race-tested in international elite races. Reduces friction and wear. Durable and VOC free.

Attribute of Danico Biotech Race Shok

BIOTECH RACE SHOK stands for a new and contemporary generation of high-tech bio-lubricants. When developing the damper oil, great emphasis was placed on precise and low-vibration response. BIOTECH RACE SHOK is a climate-friendly bio-lubricant based on renewable raw materials. Therefore, Biotech Race Shok is easily biodegradable and complies with the strict OECD environmental standard 301B. According to the administrative regulation of water-polluting substances (VwVwS) of July 27, 2005, the product is classified as non-water-polluting (nwg) for the groundwater.
The technical suitability results from the structures and lubricating properties of the base oils used, which effectively reduce friction during driving. The very high viscosity index results in optimal low-temperature properties and a uniform response behavior across all temperature ranges. The film-forming properties of the base oils protect the components from corrosion and wear for longer.

Areas of application for Danico Biotech Race Shok

BIOTECH RACE SHOK is generally suitable as a high-performance damper oil for industrial dampers as well as for two-wheelers for suspension fork and rear suspension. It is very suitable for tough racing and for everyday use.
Due to the high viscosity index, which is achieved without additives, the damper oil is suitable for all common temperature ranges. The better lubricating effect of the esters used lowers the oil temperature when driving. The operating temperature range is between –30 and + 120° C. BIOTECH RACE SHOK is therefore suitable for almost all temperature zones.

TIP: After cleaning, a subsequent treatment of the sliding tread of fork and damper with BIOTECH FORK LUBE additionally protects against moisture and corrosion. The lubricity of the oil seals is noticeably improved. Stick-slip is also prevented. The suspension responds even more sensitively.